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2014 New Year Message by His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of the Republic of Namibia

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His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of the Republic of Namibia

31 December 2013, Windhoek (*Check Against Delivery)

Fellow Namibians,

I greet you in the spirit of peace, unity and national reconciliation on this New Year’s Eve. As we enter the year 2014, I call upon the entire nation to look forward with optimism and renewed confidence that our nation will continue to make positive strides in the process of nation building.

Despite many challenges, the delivery of public services continued steadily over the past twelve months. Government implemented various socio-economic development programmes across many sectors. Major infrastructure projects such as the building of roads and bridges, Fresh Produce Hubs and other projects were completed.

In addition, new public infrastructure projects such as the National Mass Housing Programme, the deepening of the Walvis Bay Harbour, the construction of the Naute Dam, and the construction of the Kudu gas Power Project were also launched.

In the private sector, the construction of the Husab Uranium Mine, and the development of the B2 Gold Project have also commenced. These projects and indeed others will boost economic activities in the country during the New Year and beyond.

Fellow Namibians,

Government is determined and will continue to provide a steady hand of leadership. We will continue to encourage all the people of Namibia, including the private sector, civil society and other stakeholders to build on the momentum that has been achieved so far. Through concerted action, our nation will be equal to the task. Through hard work, we will conquer all challenges that we may face in the process of nation building.

Our success as a nation requires dedication and sacrifice. It demands unwavering unity of purpose and action and an ethic of hard work. It demands prudent utilization of public resources and ethical conduct on the part of our public servants.

I, therefore, call on each and every public office bearer, and each and every civil servant to focus their energies on making our public institutions more efficient, more productive, geared towards the achievement of national development goals and objectives.

Fellow Namibians,

Let us work together to make the year 2014 a year of productivity, a year of success in all that we do, and a year of efficient service delivery for the sake of thousands of our people who still live in difficult conditions.

I wish the entire nation a peaceful, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Long Live the Republic of Namibia!

I thank you.

His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of the Republic of Namibia