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Destination Namibia


Our First thought is for your safety and well-being. If you need to contact the embassy, Please call the First Secretary, Mr Sylvester Muchila on 1-202-655-0605. Thank you

What does the greatest African wildlife recovery story ever told have to do with adventure tourism? EVERYTHING!

Adventure tourism needs space – and in Namibia, the nation is committed to protecting and sharing this precious resource. Adventure tourism needs to challenge – to provide ways of testing and finding yourself. But above all, adventure tourism needs to inspire. In Namibia, endangered species are being moved from protected parks to communal land. Local people have a voice in the management of wildlife and thus a stake in its future, and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is leading the way with progressive conservation policies and an expansive protected areas network.

Namibia has 42% of its land under conservation management. What could be more adventurous and more inspiring than that? Experience Namibia, and let us inspire you.