COVID-19 Measures Summary for International Travelers


For testing and quarantine related questions, kindly contact: - Ms. Shoopala at the MoHSS Contact number +264612032700/02 or +264612032068.

For tourist related questions regarding the new COVID-19 regulations, kindly contact: Contact number +264612906000.

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The following measures will inform the next phase of Namibia’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic for the period of 13 January 2021 to 3 February 2021.

1. Namibian citizens may enter the country with or without COVID-19 PCR test result. In the absence of any test result, they will be subjected to a 7-days quarantine and testing at own cost.

2. All non-Namibian travelers arriving in Namibia are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result that is not older than 7 days (168) hours at the Port of Entry. They will not be required to be quarantined or be subjected to another test including when exiting Namibia. The period of 168 is reckoned from the time the sample was taken.

3. All travelers are reminded that airlines do have their own measures in place and cautioned to verify travel requirements with respective airlines.

Amendments of Public Health COVID-19 General Regulations: Public and Environmental Health Act, 2015: Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, MP, Minister of Health and Social Services. 23rd COVID-19 Public Briefing

COVID-19 Measures Summary for International Travelers