Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia - 29 September 2020


Kindly take note of the Amendment of Public Health COVID-19 General Regulations: Public and Environmental Health Act, 2015, as implemented in the Government Gazette of 29 September 2020

Of particular importance is:

4. (b) the insertion of the following subregulations after subregulation (1):

(1A) A person who enters Namibia for tourism purposes is not subject to the quarantine requirements referred to in regulation (1), subject thereto that he or she otherwise complies with the provisions of these regulations and applicable directives.

(1B) A person contemplated in subregulation (1A) must:

(a) immediately proceed to the destinations for which he or she has booked beforehand in respect of the first five days of his or her stay and must inform the authorised officer of these destinations;

(b) present himself or herself to an authorised person for SARS-COV-2 PCR testing on the fifth day after arrival at a place indicated by an authorised person on his or her arrival; and

(c) on the seventh day after his or her arrival in Namibia, contact the authorised person referred to in paragraph (b) in the manner indicated by that person to enquire about the result of the test referred to in paragraph (b) and if the authorised person indicates that the result of the test is positive, subject him or herself to mandatory supervised isolation contemplated in regulation 22(1) subject to the directions of that authorised person.

(1C) A person who contravenes the provisions of subregulation (1B) or fails to comply with those provisions, commits an offence and is on conviction liable to the penalties referred to in section 29(3) of the Act.